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Scanning is charged per hour. This means you can have multiple parts scanned in a session. You must have everything you want to scan listed in your email during scheduling. You can not add parts once i arrive. I may have multiple scans lined up for the day and cant push there time off adding parts to your session. ( This varies by amount of scans schedualed for the day)

$80.00 per hour for 3D scanning. This includes part prep work if required for scanning. 1 hour minimum scanning charge per customer, NOT per part. (Part prep does not meaning cleaning the part spotless. If there is dirt or anything in the area that needs Scanned I will wipe it down to get markers or spray to stick)

$60.00 per hour for post processing computer and file work. 0.5 hour minimum post processing charge per customer, NOT per part.

For on-site 3D scanning services, there is a $0.50 charge per mile, starting at the first mile if over 20 miles away, and you will be charged round trip mileage (mileage based on Google Maps shortest distance). Email for more information or fill out the forum below!

Labor charges will include any materials required to be used during your 3D scan. Examples would be 3D scanning reflective markers, 3D scanning spray or powder, etc.

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